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  • This all sounds to good to be true. Is this real ?
    Yes!!! We are the real deal!! We started offering rural internet service locally 3 years ago. We quickly saw the need for this type of service and expanded into online sales. Our service allows rural customers to have access to high speed internet with ultra low latency. With our rural internet service you can stream, browse, game, work from home, school from home, and lets you connect all of your smart devices.
  • How does your internet work?
    We are able to provide wireless high speed ultra low latency internet to rural areas by using 4G and LTE celluar signals. We offer data only plans but for the best expereince we recommend pairing our data plan with one of our custom modified routers.
  • How does this compare to Satellite Internet?
    Satellite internet is affected by the weather and has very high latency times. Latency is the best described at the time it takes data to go from its souce to its destination. Our 4G LTE internet service offers ultra low latency. Typical satellite latency time is around 600+ ms, LTE 4G internet is between 40ms and 80ms. The bottom line - 4G LTE is blazing fast!!!
  • What speeds can I expect to receive?
    We get asked this alot. Speeds vary greatly from location to location and depends on alot of factors and what type of modem you are using. Our average customers gets around 25Mbps down and 10Mbps up. In some instances we have customers getting in excess of 150Mbps. Exact speed are not guaranteed.
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