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Last Mile Internet
Internet Usage Policy


Internet Usage Policy


If you have questions before you purchase please text us at 662.423.9945

In an effort to be completely open and transparent, we would like to disclose the following:   



DATA ONLY PLANS - Bring Your Own Device


These plans are designed to work on Tablet Devices. However, these plans will work on other devices such as hotspots and routers. The carriers of these plans can make changes/cancel plans with very little to no notice and/or blacklist devices. Geek Express, LLC-Last Mile Internet is not responsible for the replacement of any devices that are blacklisted by the carrier. It is the customer's sole responsibility to replace blacklisted devices. If you are unsure if your device has been blacklisted after being with a previous provider, please contact us before purchasing. If a sim card replacement is required, a replacement sim can be shipped or purchased from a local big-box retailer. In the event of service interruption, Geek Express, LLC-Last Mile Internet will work with you to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, refunds and prorations are not available due to this service being prepaid. 

eSim/V-Sim Devices and DATA Only Plans

By using our internet service and data plans, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.  You agree to use our data plans accordingly and responsibly. Geek Express, LLC  has the right to terminate any account at any time due to abuse, threats, or bullying.   Refunds will not be issued for accounts that have violated our usage policy.  You agree to not exceed the allotted data based on your plan.   For our Blue 400Gb Rural Internet Data Plan, you agree to not use more than 400GB of data in a 30-day period.  For our Blue Unlimited Rural Internet Data Plan, V-Sim Unlimited Rural Data Plan, and eSim Unlimited Rural Internet Data Plan,  you agree to not use more than 1TB of data in a 30-day period.  For our Pink Unlimited Rural Internet Data Plan, you agree to not use more than 1TB of data in a 30-day period.  For our Red 400GB Rural Internet Data Plan, you agree to not use more than 400GB of data in a 30-day period.    We do not throttle our internet service, but speeds may be de-prioritized after 50gb during high network congestion. All our data plans include high-speed data for normal internet usage like streaming music and movies/surfing/gaming etc. We have the right to terminate accounts if data is being abused (this means going over the monthly data limit) and suspicious usage  (Suspicious downloading of very large files). So just please utilize our data plan with regular discretion so we can continue to provide high-speed wireless internet. If your account is shut off and canceled due to data abuse by the carriers, we will not offer any refunds for that month. These members will also not be allowed to continue the service for the next month unless they purchase a new membership plan.


BILLING: All billing is done electronically. The first day of your 30-day membership plan starts when your package is considered delivered by the shipping carrier.  All buyers are automatically enrolled in autopay at the time of checkout.   All clients will be charged automatically for each billing period on their respective due dates.  Members that do not want to be enrolled in automatic payment must email us to cancel the automatic payment feature and an invoice will be sent out by email each billing period 7 days prior. Members enrolled in automatic billing must pay the total amount due with an accepted payment method.  Accepted payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  If you dispute a valid credit card charge levied by Geek Express, LLC, your account with Last Mile Internet may be disconnected and you might be charged a 30-dollar ($30.00) reactivation fee. Contact Last Mile Internet for billing help, changes, and cancellations. Please email or for a faster response you can text us at 662.423.9945

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