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About Last Mile Internet


Last Mile Internet is the answer to all your rural internet needs - by bringing you high speed internet with unlimited data plans based on 4G LTE technology.  Last Mile Internet delivers truly unlimited data plans and the fastest speeds available. Whether you want to stream your favorite movies or TV shows, browse the web, or even play competitive online games, you’ll be able to do it almost anywhere in the US with a 25 Mbp/s average download speed!  Last Mile Internet brings high speed internet to even the most remote and rural areas.   ​


Cellular internet technologies have become extremely advanced in the last decade. Thanks to 4G LTE, users can stream video or play video games on their mobile devices with zero lag. While video buffering was almost a guarantee with older satellite Internet, streaming has become possible due to improvements.  However, it still lags behind cellular networks and mobile hotspots. It takes much longer for signals to travel between modems and a satellite orbiting the Earth than it does for cell phones or hotspot devices to send or receive a signal to a cell tower.  Last Mile Internet offers high speed service all month long.  The number one question we are asked is, "can i play online games?"  Our answer is Yes.  With our ultra low latency connections - buffer and lags are gone.  

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