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Blue Unlimited Data Only Plan


Blue Unlimited Data Only Plan

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Product Info

Unlimited Blue Data Only Plan 


Purchase Includes:

1 Tri-cut Activated Sim Card on Blue Unlimited Plan

Blue Unlimited Data Plan - $115/monthly reoccurring


One Time Setup

Activation - $35 - One Time Purchase

Sim Kit - $15 - One Time Purchase

Total To Start: $165


*MR1 Nighthawk Devices are not supported on this plan

*MR1100 Nighthawk Devices are not supported on this plan

*MR5200 Nighthawk Devices are not supported on this plan

** If  this  data plan is used in one of the above mentioned devices you will forfeit any remaining data/days and no refunds will be issued.** 



How We Bill

The billing cycle for this plan starts when the total startup costs are paid and is recurring every 30 days thereafter. There is no pro-ration of the bill.  The payment will be made either by credit/debit/PayPal.

ALSO! Customers must cancel their month to month subscription 24 hours prior to the next billing date, or they will be paying for another 30 days of service.


Customer Service and Support

 It is the customers sole responsibility to understand their device and how it works with a SIM card. Our staff cannot provide 1 on 1 technical support or set up assistance for your equipment. If the activated SIM card correctly inserted into your device does not get you online please email support with your Name and sim card number.  If we determine your sim card is properly provisioned and you are still unable to access the internet you will need to contact your device’s technical support for further assistance.


Refund Policy

​This plan allows you to try it for 14 days, which begins when you’ve either activated your own SIM kit or you have received our SIM kit in the mail. The 14-day period is strictly to determine proper coverage and usable speeds, since this cannot be pre-determined by Last Mile Internet before the order is placed. Only a portion of the monthly fee is eligible for a refund.  Subscribers who use extreme amounts of data in this period will NOT be eligible for any refund at all. Please inquire about this to avoid non-clarity to  Refund requests within the 14-day period are only processed by contacting us via phone.  We can be reached Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm. 662.423.9945.  Once that is done, please allow approximately 1 week for the partial refund to be refunded back to your credit/debit card.


No Guarantee of Performance 4G

While this plan uses the largest network of towers on Earth, cellular data performance is neither set nor guaranteed. We insist that prospects pre-check coverage, and Last Mile Internet will assess the signal strength based on our tools and experience and either advise the customer to make additional arrangements to enhance signal strength, or in some cases cancel an order entirely before the payment is processed.

With that being said, once we process an order and ship out the SIM card, we still cannot guarantee speeds or connectivity. This is not a perfect system but we do our best to make sure the customer will get a fast and reliable internet solution. If you have not already done so, please scroll back to the top for pre-check of coverage details.

 The national cellular carrier who’s network this plan uses, reserves the right to change, modify or terminate this plan whenever they see fit. This doesn’t generally happen, but we want to forewarn potential customers of the possibilities of what international companies can do if their network and bottom line is threatened by high usage data plans. As a reminder, this is a non-binding month to month pre-paid plan that either party can end at any time.


Gamers Please Read

The cellular carriers for these plans have made the NAT settings a strict #3 NAT type that cannot be opened. While this doesn’t prevent online gaming, it can be a hindrance for some players. We’re sorry for this, but it is the way it is for all carriers on these high usage data plans

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