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At Home Or On The Go


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With the latest 
cellular technology,
we get you connected .

Introducing The

NEW Product

The Real Reliable Rural Home Internet Solution

New routers and new 4G LTE data plans based on V-sim(esim) technology.  Exclusive reliable and fast LTE data plans, with NO more sim swaps.  Compatible with most cellular carriers.  Finally a reliable solution for rural homes in the middle of nowhere.  

Aviator 2


200 GB LTE Data Plan

Exclusive to V-Sim Router

$85 - Month


500 GB LTE Data Plan

Exclusive to V-Sim Router

$110 -Month


Unlimited LTE Data Plan

Exclusive to V-Sim Router

$130 -Month


Stream from your favorite service.

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RV'ers, Truckers, Boaters

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We utilize cell towers from each of the major carriers to deliver stable high speed internet to rural and on the go locations.  We use only the most reliable data plans to delivery you blazing fast wireless 4G LTE internet.
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Our hotspot and modems are setup specifically for you. It doesn't matter if you are on the go or at a fixed location  we can deliver high speed internet with ultra low latency.  Average speeds range from 10Mbps to 70Mbps
Our smart routers broadcast an AC1200 wireless signal throughout your home so you can connect your TVs, Laptops, Desktops, Gaming Systems, Tablets, Phones, or other smart devices


“They are amazing. They have great customer service skills and know what they are doing..”
“I’m so happy I tried Last Mile Interent!! I bought a house in rural Tennessee and the only internet service that was available was satellite service. It was terrible. Last Mile internet service is awesome. I can live stream, play online games and the speed stays the same all month, doesn’t slow down after 2 weeks. I highly recommend them to anyone that is paying a lot of money for terrible service. I’m really very satisfied with LMI!!!”
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